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Tuesday, July 13th 2010

Samu is on fire....

Going for the last part are you ?

Kill kill kill, annihilate !

So we are skating Berlin in the crazy heat wave. Sweating the beers out in 3 tries...

Tuesday, July 13th 2010

More Berliner kindl !!!

The heat is still on and some people are really feeling it.

Monday, July 12th 2010


Plus de Skate >>

Hé you should go to annecy these dates cause there will be a fucking good contest, i'm going anyway...

Monday, July 12th 2010


Some artists are working right now on some differents board grafics for antiz, you will heard more about it, but right now go have a look at this one:

Exposition collective "Swimming Cool" en juillet à "L'Atelier" 2 rue Duler - 64200 Biarritz



Monday, July 12th 2010

HUGO, FURO and POLO in germany tour with carhartt (fotos hugo)

1- come on tom derichs let's go for this tour it's remind you some antiz tours no?...

2- our food for the week, wurst on grill...

3- muki and marteleur, old men need to rest after beers...

4- beer pressure

5- i washed my pant in the lake, perfect...

6- someone fucked up my anckle with his fucking board, if you read this dude, you will suck cock in hell...

7- slayer was amazing at fullforce festival

8- kerry king farth on stage amazing

9- end of the festival no man land...


11- my tent of course

12- marto you have to sleep inside the tent...

13- polo's pride

14- loco furo in camp

15- my beer holder in the van.

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