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Wednesday, April 7th 2010

the shop is online !

It took a while but finally it 's done , the Antiz shop is online ! Feel free to be our first customer !!!

Wednesday, April 7th 2010

Samu first sequence in Finland !

First couple glimpse of hope for the Finn's. The snow is melting just enough for Samu to get this sequence of a switch 180 to nose wheelie revert. Wow that was tiring. Shit, Samu just tells me it's snowing again today...

Oh no !!!


Photo : Mikko fincke

Wednesday, April 7th 2010

Skate or die in Tunisia

Everywhere in the world people are skating and creating a scene, even in Tunisia, and for skateboarding...Thank you Alexis Lestat for your effort to build a scene over there... Skate or Die.

Friday, April 2nd 2010

Where is Murl ?

Murl was in Gran Canaria  with his crew from Linz .

Soon the whole antiz team will destroy Michel's house before he moves to Barcelona .

stay tuned !

Thursday, April 1st 2010

Gabeeb .

Gabeeb "the storm" is in Lyon for a couple of days trying to escape from the rough scandinavian winter . Unlucky is he , since he arrived it has been raining everyday ...

So we have no sun , but at least we have a clip with Gabeeb in Alicante .

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