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Thursday, May 6th 2010

Gabe's Galax customized shaped decks by Gabeeb

Check the artist out ! Gabriel Engelke is reshaping is old boards into cruisers. If you want one, email us and we will put you in contact with the Beep !

Wednesday, May 5th 2010

ITA masked man kills it on the drums.

He is from Finland, is one of the only Antiz rider capable of doing a good tech manual trick and he plays drums like a madman almost as good as is father. His name is .....

Tuesday, May 4th 2010

3rd day and till the end...

Damn we had fun !

This Lintz tour will be remembered as one of the best tours for sure. What a week !

Amazing spots, a bunch of ditches and hot sun every single day. Beers were dranked, jam sessions got going and even some blues. Check the videos soon !

A huge thanks to Michel, Sebi, Rainer, Danny and Alex for welcoming us so well. We never been treated so nice !

Monday, April 26th 2010

2nd day of tour

Second day we are ready to destroy the house after beers, dices, and pasta, some got real girlfriend some get fake one, tonight the team house is complete, with the arriving of dykmans, forstner, and the special death metal friend, french,...

Saturday, April 24th 2010

1st day of tour

After 11 hours of driving, we arrive in Linz at michel'shouse straight to party where furones was loco, time to sleep we allready did a fire and burn the wurst, then michel receive us like kings, with pornos and toilet paper.

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